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Commitments on after-sale services of our company’s wires and cables are as follows:

I. Welcome users to investigate our company and our company will provide technical data of relevant products actively.

II. Provide technical consultations and answer users’ questions timely and correctly, and assist users in selecting proper product model and specification as users required.

III. After the contract is signed, users can assign personnel for monitoring and we will provide convenience at work and in life.

IV. Organize production strictly according to contract’s technical requirements or National Standards and deliver products timely with quality and quantity assured.

V. The company welcomes users to conduct products’ delivery inspection and provide convenience at work and in life.

VI. The company transport products for free and risks for cable faults and ruins in transit are charged by the company.

VII. The company can provide cable laying, using, and maintenance knowledge as users required, as well as guide users to construct accurately.

VIII. If model selection is wrong or quantity is not enough because of users, the company will give priority to manufacture them, deliver them urgently, and guarantee users’ construction period.

IX. The company implements “all-weather” services. It shall make reply within 4h after receiving user notices, arriving at the scene within 12h inside the province and 24h outside the province.

XI. Our company will assist users in solving quality problems caused by users within the warranty period.

XII. During installation and use, the company can assign people to guide cable installation process as users required.

XIII. If original ordering products can not be used continuously because of design changes, and our company will try our best to alleviate users’ burdens and to match up with users to handle them duly.

XIV. Redundant cables upon completion of user engineering can be handled as users required.

XV. If losses are brought to users for defective product design, wrong technical data, or muffed technical guidance, our company will undertake all responsibilities.

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