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Due to focus and professional ——Thirty years old enterprises focus on cable R & D and manufacturing

The company is professional because of concentration


Thirty years the company focused on cable R & D and manufacturing, production experience

Widely used in electricity, coal, transportation, construction, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, railway and other fields, by the majority of users trust and praise

National Service Hotline:+86-635-6512666 / 6512777

01Strong quality, to provide you with the most solid backing

Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health management certification

China's national compulsory products (3C) certification, production licenses and other qualifications and management system certification

Was awarded the contract and trustworthy enterprise, customer satisfaction enterprises, AAA grade credit enterprise honorary title

Luqing brand wire and cable was rated as the quality of reliable products and well-known Chinese brands

02Provide high-quality products to ensure product quality

To ensure that the actual quantity of the products provided is exactly the same as the number of labels

To ensure that the products for the entire product testing, substandard products will not be sold

To ensure that the packaging for the products can meet the normal transport, storage and construction conditions

The raw materials and materials used by the products for the products are tested for production

Ensure that the products strictly meet the ISO9001 quality management system standards, to maintain the effective operation of quality management system

03Perfect industrial chain, for you to worry about worry

The company is responsible for the risk of damage and damage to the cable caused by transportation and transportation.

The company to implement the "all-weather" service, received a user notification within 4 hours after the reply, the province 12 hours to reach the scene of the user, the province outside the user 24 hours to reach the scene


  The enterprise’s progress and development have condensed all staffs’ painstaking efforts and sweats, with supports and assistances of leaders and friends of all fields. “Great kindness is unforgettable forever and returns are endless”. We will inherit quality pursuit of “professional focused, keep improving” and develop struggling spirit of “making every efforts and become stronger with innovation”, so as to push the company to faster, higher, and stronger objective and to realize harmonious growth of economic and social benefits....